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Dankes -Brief des Richters Bertrand Dumont

I'm most greatful to the Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel Club Deutschland e.V. for inviting me to judge their Club Show.

The show was perfectly organized and it is always a pleasure to meet new Cavalier lovers. I was happy to judge some really beautiful Cavaliers, with a melting expression and excellent coat condition. There were some graceful and well-balanced dogs and bitches in nearly all classes. I was particularly happy to notice some excellent croups, which is something we need to work in the breed. Good shoulders and back angulations make the Cavalier movement sound, with a good drive in front and rear. Some of the dogs and young bitches were really immature and just needed a little bit more time. Some others would have obtained better results with a more careful grooming and more ring training. Although the champions were very worthy champions, I finally awarded the new generation, my Best of Breed coming from the intermediate class and Best of Opposite Sex from the young class. Sure these ones have a bright future! Finally, I would like to congratulate and thank all exhibitors for their fair play. My critics were always constructive and I hope they may help in your selection program. Keep your passion alive and keep on with the good work!
Bertrand Dumon